A Life time of Understanding

Jay Wasson is a life-long resident of Christian County. His wife, Retha, was born and raised in Taney County. Jay’s Family first came to Southwest Missouri’s Stone County in 1848. In 1867 they settled in Christian County near what is now Nixa.

As a small business owner for over 40 years, Jay understands what it takes to create jobs, meet a payroll and to do the hard work required to achieve worthy goals.

Today Jay carries our common sense values of the 20th Senatorial District with him as he serves us in the Missouri State Senate.

Jay looks out for us by fighting for, and helping forge, a truly balanced budget. At the same time Jay has made sure the dollars needed are available to achieve the basic and essential missions of our state government.

That means making sure enough dollars actually reach the classroom so our students learn the skills they will need to be successful and independent.

Jay has been a consistent and effective leader of fairness for our seniors and has made sure that the savings that they worked a lifetime to earn are not seen as a potential target by the state.

Growing up on a farm and being a small businessman, there is no greater advocate in the state senate for our farmers, ranchers, and small businessmen and women who create most of the new jobs in Missouri.

Jay’s conservative approach to spending and taxes has led to his support of tax cuts that have allowed Missourians to keep more of the money they earn, and to making the state fully justify how it spends our tax dollars.

Conservative Leadership

  • Protects our children. Established Jessica’s Law for Missouri ensuring tough penalties for sexual predators who abuse children.
  • Put the safety and future of our families first. His leadership has helped pass stronger immigration laws, giving Missouri some of the toughest illegal immigration laws in the country
  • Has made sure you have the legal right to protect your family and property from violent criminals. His leadership has helped pass a Concealed Carry Law and Castle Doctrine protecting your Second Amendment Rights.
  • Make government understand it needs to live within its means and set priorities just as families must do.
  • Balanced budgets without tax increases while funding essential services.
  • Worked to create an environment for the creation of thousands of new, family supporting jobs in Missouri. Such as fighting for ‘Right to Work’ legislation.
  • Protect innocent life. His leadership has helped Missouri reduce abortion clinics from ten to one.

Jay on the Issues


    Jay’s been a leader in Jefferson City in supporting and helping to pass illegal immigration laws that are some of the strongest in the country. Jay is proud to have been a part of those efforts, but he believes continued diligence is required to protect the safety of our citizens.

    Through Jay’s efforts those unlawfully in the United States are prohibited from receiving state or local public benefits, and all citizens are required to take the Missouri driver’s license examinations in English so that the applicant can demonstrate his or her ability to sufficiently understand highway traffic signs and safety warnings.

    Business entities and employers are prohibited from knowingly employing, hiring, or continuing to employ illegal aliens in Missouri. E-Verify is required for all public employers and business entities receiving a state contract or grant in excess of $5,000, a state-administered tax credit, tax abatement, or loan from the state.

    In 2008, Jay helped lead to passage a measure that requires the Missouri Highway Patrol and other law enforcement officials to verify the immigration status of any person arrested, and inform federal authorities if the person is found to be here illegally.

    The Missouri Department of Revenue is prohibited from issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens and persons who cannot prove lawful presence in the United States.

    In 2009, Jay helped win passage of a measure that protects Missouri taxpayers by ensuring Missouri’s public institutions of higher education do not award financial aid to individuals who are here illegally.


    Missouri must find ways to promote a more business and jobs friendly atmosphere in our state. That’s why Jay fought to pass “Right to Work” legislation. Most new jobs are being created in states that already have this law. If Missouri is to be competitive, this law is a must for our state. The continual creation of new jobs is imperative to a stronger economic future.


    While in office, Jay has supported Missouri’s Concealed Carry Rights and the Castle Doctrine, which allows individuals to defend themselves, their property, and family from criminals. As a lifetime member of the NRA, Jay believes the 2nd Amendment is a fundamental right granted by the Constitution and that Missouri must never waiver from it.


    When Jay Wasson first took office, the only discussion about abortion was whether Missouri should allow partial birth abortion in one of the ten abortion clinics or not. Today Missouri has some of the most stringent pro-life laws in the country. He has helped pass laws that have decreased the number of abortions to levels last seen thirty years ago while increasing abortion alternatives that reflect Missouri values. The number of abortion clinics has decreased from ten down to one during that time. As a strong pro-life advocate, Jay has strongly supported the protection of innocent life.


    Education has always been a top priority for Jay Wasson and will remain so. He has been a champion of our area schools each and every day in the legislature, in his business, as a former Mayor, and as a private citizen. He believes in giving our schools more control at the local level with fewer mandates from the State or Federal level. Jay knows that our public and private school systems have the best teachers, school board members and school administrators in the state.

    Jay has also been a strong advocate of protecting the rights of homeschoolers and Christian schools to teach children in a manner that reflects each family’s values. The federal and state government constantly pushes a one size fits all approach to teaching that often does not reflect southwest Missouri values.


    Jay Wasson has helped balance the state budget every single year he has served. His conservative fiscal leadership allowed Missouri to make it through the recession without raising new job-killing taxes. Jay strongly believes the federal government should do that too. Currently, our national debt is close to $19 TRILLION and your share of that is almost $60,000! It’s time we made Washington D.C. listen to the people and to stop its reckless ways. That is why Jay has been fighting for Missouri to pass — and join, the Compact for a Balanced Budget.

    For the 2016 Missouri Legislative Session Jay Wasson has filed SB587. The ultimate goal of this legislation is for Missouri to join a coalition of states that will pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This will end reckless spending and borrowing while giving the states more input with the direction of our country. It is wrong to bury the next generation under a mountain of debt from which they may never be able to emerge.


    From the time Jay Wasson was first elected to the Missouri State Senate he has not taken one dime of lobbyist gifts, meals, or travel. He is adamant in making sure the people he serves in 20th Senatorial District know exactly who he works for. It’s just the right thing to do.

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